Emerging Voices

In conversation with Kwaku Mfoni, Enyo Bruku and Florence McCudden from City Hearts about their project Emerging Voices.CHpodcast.jpg

Community Stories

We speak with Isabell Zattu and Enock Mac'ouma (Rongo University) about their community radio project through the Community Media 4 Kenya (CM4K) partnership. CommunityStories.jpg

En Français! Nous parlons avec Mamadou Cissé de Visualising Liberté. VisualisingLiberte.jpg

From Hope to Despair

We speak with Dr Willis Okumu about documenting the lived experiences of human trafficking and modern-day slavery among the youth in Kenya. ADS_podcast.jpg


En Français! Nous parlons avec Ali Bouzou et Hamissou Rhissa Achaffert de LESLAN (Héritages de l'esclavage au Niger). LeslanPodcast.jpg

Bil pi Kuc

We speak with Geoffrey Omony and Diana Opina Alaroker from Yolred about their project supporting ex-child combatants. YolredPodcast.jpg

Healing Spaces

In this podcast we speak with Catherine Asekenye and Elizabeth Sitati about their project, which examines the impact of design of care facilities on outcomes for survivors of human trafficking.


Hidden Histories

'Hidden Histories' is led by the James Town Community Theatre and the University West of Scotland investigating connections between historic and modern slavery in James Town, Accra, Ghana. Hidden_Histories_podcast.jpg


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